The Minnesota Professional Photographers Association (MNPPA) is an organization of professional photographers whose purpose is to educate its members by promoting professionalism, quality of work, sound business practices and excellent customer service.

MNPPA is proud to present our membership in a searchable database so you can select the photographer who would be best suited to your needs. Select “Find Your Photographer” from our menu and you can search for a photographer by name, studio name, city, zip code or type of photography services offered.

  • Annual conventions with nationally recognized speakers, vender tradeshow, print competition, workshops, parties and networking.
  • Privilege of Using MNPPA Logo: As a MNPPA Member, you have the privilege of using the MNPPA name, logo and your Membership as a marketing tool to set your business apart from amateurs in your area.
  • Mentoring Program: Growth through mentoring from fellow MNPPA Members, and in return, you will inspire others. Reap the benefits of personal growth and empowerment by signing up for this program.
  • Find a Photographer Referral Program: Prospective buyers of photography can access our Find a Photographer directory of MNPPA Members. Referrals to MNPPA Members in their area let prospective clients know that they will be dealing with a business with integrity, ethical practices, creativity and the passion to produce the image the client wants.
  • Credit & Degree Program: The Accredited Photographer, Service, and Fellowship degrees are designed to recognize members who are active within the organization. These degrees are achieved by earning MNPPA credits through the achievement of photographic excellence in print competition and by providing service to the association and to the photographic community through speaking, attendance of educational events, and other volunteer work.
  • Member Recognition: When you become involved in MNPPA and earn awards and/or degrees, a press release is furnished to you for submission to your local newspaper for publication. Participation and accomplishment at the State level validates your professionalism in your own community.
  • Referral Networking: Most photographers recommend other photographers if they are busy or unavailable for an assignment. When you attend MNPPA events you will develop friends and network with other photographers and can be the recipient of these referrals.
  • Catastrophic and Crisis Support: As a photographer what happens when you get hurt, sick or other disasters happen? As a member of MNPPA, you belong to a network of professionals who willingly help those in need with manpower and equipment. If you need to use this support once, it can be worth a lifetime of membership fees. It also gives you and your client peace of mind, with the assurance you have the best back-up available.
  • $207 discount on 3 educational seminars per year.
  • $40+ discount on our annual convention