Making the Most of Your Senior Portraits

If you have a senior portrait in your future, you may be wondering how you can make the most of the experience and find a professional photographer who will capture your image and your personality at this special time in your life. It’s important to choose a professional who will provide you with a memorable portrait session and high quality photography that will be a beautiful and lasting memento of your high school years.

Your first question might be, “How will I find the right photographer to give me great photos that I’ll be excited to share with friends and portraits my family and I can treasure for a lifetime?” You might start by asking friends and family. But there are other excellent ways to ensure you’ll get both the best product and the best value for this important investment.

If you don’t have a photographer you or someone you know is familiar with, there are many ways to look for examples of the work of photographers in your area. Coming to this Web site is an excellent start. The photographers who are members of the Minnesota Professional Photographers Association are artists who are knowledgeable professionals. The professional credentials listed behind their names say they have been diligent in continuing to learn about the creative trends and technological advances in their field. Many also have received awards in competition for their excellence in their craft. Many of those winning photographs are available for viewing on this site. Take advantage of the links to their Web sites to continue your search for photographers in your area that you want to research.

It’s important that you find a professional photographer whose work reflects the style you want your portraits to have. Look for photographers in your area who have Web sites or studios you can visit and look at examples of the wide variety of senior portrait options they will offer you. Talk to photographers you’re considering to make sure you’re comfortable with the personality of the professional you choose. Your senior portrait session should be fun.

The photographer you choose will be helpful in guiding you in making the right decisions about what to wear and how to prepare for your senior portrait session. You also should take some time to consider whether you want some of your portraits taken with special backdrops, props or locations. Many seniors like to have a few outdoor shots.

Good photographers will advise you to bring many options to express your personality and your activities at this time in your life. Use your imagination. The more outfits and props you bring, the more your photographer will be able to help you choose the best way to bring out the real you in your images. For example, if you in marching band, bring your instrument as well as your uniform. If you are on a soccer team, bring your jersey and your soccer ball. And don’t forget…friends and family also make good props!

Take time to make good decisions about the clothing you will bring for your photographs. Choose at least one outfit that matches the color of your eyes. Your photographer is likely to choose backgrounds that will complement what you wear, so your eyes will become more noticeable in your portraits. You also will want to bring a few dressier outfits to your session to give you some traditional portrait options. Choose clothes that you feel good in and are flattering as well as stylish. Long sleeved shirts are a good choice for both casual and formal outfits, as your face will gain more attention if you have less visible skin. Talk to your photographer about the best clothing choices for your session, as well as other ideas for making the most of your senior portrait experience.


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