Dan Francis - Using Impact and Storytelling in your Work' and the MNPPA Annual Meeting

From June 26, 2017 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
“Finding and using Impact and Storytelling for your clients and personal work”

Presented by Dan Francis

Sponsored by ACI

Dan will go over:

  1. Theme and Concept
  2. Your Team
  3. Model Release
  4. Model Search
  5. Lighting and Style
  6. Timeline
  7. Budget
  8. Image Terms

I’ll explain how personal projects can be beneficial to you and to your growth. I’ll explain 6 ways of storytelling and how to get hired doing what you love through your personal work.

  • Bringing personal work into client work.
  • Getting them to buy for sure that one piece of artwork you’ve created

This is the date of our annual meeting. You are invited to attend the annual meeting even if you are unable to attend Dan's program. The annual meeting will start at 4 pm.

Thanks for being a member!

Thank to ACI for sponsoring Dan!
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