The “Outstanding Service to the MNPPA” Award was begun in 1989 to honor persons who had served the MNPPA above and beyond the call of duty. (At this time, would past recipients of the Addie Award please stand and remain standing where they are while this year’s recipient is announced) Upon her retirement as Executive Secretary, the first award was given to Adeline Banttari for 20 years of dedicated service. The award has since been referred to as the “Addie Award.”

1989 Adeline Banttari

1990 Machael Aulie

1991 Bruce Dynes

1992 Roger A. Carlson

1993 John Peterson

1994 Curt Sanders

1995 Harriet Ahlstrom

1996 Greg Walton (Posthumously)

1997 Wayne & Beth Johnstone

1998 Kathy Lunderby

1999 Steven L. Larson

2000 Dave Johnson

2001 Dick Foy

2002 Gerry Tucker

2003 Mark Quiram

2004 Dennis Nelson

2004 Paul Hanson

2005 Jeff Fifield

2006 David Grupa

2007 Pam Carlson

2008 Ken Ahlstrom

2009 Paul Schoemaker

2010 Lisa Crayford

2011 Andie Sanders

2012 Joanie Ford

2013 Matthew Bugnacki

2014 Joel Maxwell

2015 David Hyttsten

2016 Brady Whitcomb